Lindsey Academy Partners with The E=O2 Program

Lindsey Academy (6-8)

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Education Equals Opportunity, Too! E=02™

Lindsey Academy is proud to partner with Education Equals Opportunity Too (E=02™), a nonprofit organization that provides a myriad of services to socially and academically challenged youth through its programs, partnerships, collaborations, and coordination with public and private business partners throughout the City of Long Beach.

The mission of E=02™ is to challenge youth to maximize their potential. The program will be working with Lindsey’s Female and Male Leadership Academies, which are taught by Elizabeth Martinez and Johnny Luong, respectively.

Lindsey Academy’s vision is to inspire students to reach their academic goals by developing positive teacher-student relationships, and equipping students with the skills necessary for success in high school and college. The partnership will provide educational, training, mentorship, supportive, and employment services for the youth throughout the Long Beach Middle School Minority Initiative (CMSMIT).

As an incentive, students can earn a laptop by tutoring another student to achieve a 3.5 GPA. This enables students to create an interactive and supportive peer group. “We would like to thank Executive Director Walter Larkins for bringing this opportunity to our Lindsey students.”

Los Cerritos Elementary

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Building a Growth Mindset

Stand back! Last year the staff at Los Cerritos began exploring mindsets in the classroom, and this year we will be actively working to build a growth mindset into our school culture. Led by teachers Cindy Morlock, Julie Tsai, and Cathy Haver, who formed a summer book club to study growth mindsets, we hope to break through the barriers that often keep students from succeeding in school.

What is a growth mindset? Teachers

Teachers with a growth mindset feel that any student can grow and perform at higher levels, and students with this mindset believe that with hard work they can raise their intelligence level. Students will learn how the brain works, and that with perseverance, resilience, and effort they can actually “grow” their brains. They will realize that every failure is a learning opportunity and a chance to further grow their intelligence.

We also plan to reach out to parents to help them understand mindsets, and how to create a growth mindset environment at home through praise and feedback.

Working together, we can all grow!

Lowell Bayside Elementary

5201 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803 * 562/433-6757 *


We are full swing into the year at Lowell and have a number of events that are coming up. Lester Lawson IV Among these events are Lowell’s annual “Jog-A- Thon” which will take place on Thursday, November 10th on the Lowell blacktop. This event is put on by our wonderful PTA and involves all of our classes at Lowell while also welcoming our parents to get involved. This is essentially a fundraiser for our school that enables us to fund some of our great programs here at Lowell. However, this event is much more than just a fundraiser as it empowers our students to get out and be active. The Lowell Jog-A-Thon once again shows what the Lowell Sea Stars are all about!

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